Welcome to the new, fun, exciting and life-changing Go Gratitude Experiment. You should receive a confirmation email within a few short minutes. As requested, you'll also begin receiving the specially prepared, mind-stretching "knew views on Gratitude" messages over the next 42 days.

And now, a personal message to you from Stacey Robyn, founder of Go Gratitude and author of "42 days of knew views on Gratitude":

I am soooooooo excited you are here!

A power now lies within you, waiting for your recognition, your call, your direct attention to spring to life and deliver whatever your pure heart desires.

Synchronistically . . .

You've just embarked on a universally unique adventure, experimenting with intentionally
using the Master Key of Gratitude to unleash this source force within, giving life to your dreams, power to your passions, and prosperity to your pursuits!

Now, before we go further, allow me to give you a bit of insight on how Go Gratitude came to be.

This Spring, I took a 42 day retreat to clear my head, inspire my soul, and clarify my plans for pursuing a passionate life.

My retreat was a spur of the moment decision, so I sent a quick note to friends and family letting them know my plans for the next few weeks and that something "big! Big! BIG!" was coming. I remember feeling excited, wondering what 'big! Big! BIG!' really meant.

During these 6 weeks I daily dedicated time to honor my creative-ness, indulging in all sorts of artistic outlets such as drawing, painting, cloud gazing, and a whole lot of doodling.

Doodling? Well, yes. It's a favorite past time of mine. By releasing any expected outcome, I simply allow my creativity to freely flow . . . just me, the pen, and all possibility!

One evening, while musing on my doodles, I noted that many commonly recognized symbols were peeking through my orderly disorder.

And then, as if arranged by fate, I asked my Sweetheart, "What is the symbol for Gratitude?"

Think about it.

There's a symbol for the sun, the moon, love, peace . . . even a simple "swoosh" is recognizable world-wide.

There must be a symbol for Gratitude!

. . . and Voila! I glanced down to witness this symbol of Gratitude being created by my very own hand.

Immediately, I glimpsed a little 'g' in a circle. 'Gratitude begins with a G', I thought. Perfect! (I still get chills thinking about it! Wow!)

Well, let me tell you . . . between then and now I have witnessed a myriad of messages and confirmations revealed by this simple symbol, that prove beyond a doubt, Gratitude is everywhere. (these will be revealed in the "Knew Views on Gratitude" series . . . and I'm sure many, many more will emerge as creative minds converge to explore, expand and experiment with Gratitude.)

Now I must confess . . .

I'd been drawing this symbol for weeks. I had it "on the brain" you might say. It was fun to draw, all whirly-swirly and a challenge to get it JUST RIGHT. I suppose this fascination allowed me to easily recognize it when I finally thought to ask.

Can you say Divine providence? Serendipity? Magic? Perhaps all three!!!

Now, you might ask, "Why Gratitude? Where did this inquiry spring from?" It may seem random and yet, there is a beginning to all things.

Dr. Masaru Emoto was my Gratitude Muse.

You may be familiar with Emotos' work with water crystals, and the effect thoughts and words have on their appearance.

While relishing his awe-inspiring book, "The Hidden Messages in Water," I came upon an idea that will forever change my life, and perhaps yours, as well.

Emoto believes that Gratitude is a gift of Love . . . it is what Love returns to the world, as a symbol of appreciation for life, for being, for NOW. Emoto also feels that the "Love and Gratitude" water crystal is the most beautiful of all, for it exemplifies our highest nature, as Divine Creators.

As I pondered this possibility a wave rippled through me with force, passion, and understanding.

I envisioned a wake of Gratitude rolling across our planet, re-connecting our water bodies to Love . Passed person to person, heartbeat by heartbeat, this wake would roll through our bodies - mostly water - to create a massive tide of change by simply focusing on Gratitude.

A vision to behold, indeed.

Quickly, I began to visualize what this wave might LOOK like, size-wise.
So I put a number to it - one million people. Here are a few calculations for you:
(Remember - on average, our bodies are 70% water)

One gallon of water weighs: 8.33 pounds
Approx water weight of 150 lb. person: 105 pounds
Gallons of water, per 150 lb person: 12.61

This means one million people gathered in Gratitude will create a 12.61 million gallon wave of water, weighing an impressive 105 million pounds, rolling across planet Earth.

No devastation, no destruction…just Love and Gratitude invisibly waking the heart of humanity.

Now - a wake of Gratitude connecting one million people is big! Big! BIG! I was beginning to catch a glimpse of my path, a passionate possibility fueling my inner fires crying 'yes! Yes! YES!

This is it! This is what I've been asking for!'

You may say one million sounds like an outrageously huge number. And, yes, by myself,
it would take a long time to connect a million people to Gratitude.

This is where YOU play a crucial role.

By three's you and I might connect one million people in as little as 13 days.

Here is a graphic to illustrate the idea:

By simply sharing this concept, this gift, this Master Key with friends and family alike , YOU will be increasing the momentum of this experiment, while simultaneously tapping into a collective power growing greater with every person, because it springs from the love of Gratitude.

Plus! The sooner you pass this on, the more likely YOU will be the one they are thanking once they begin to realize the difference Gratitude is making in their daily lives!

I am deeply honored and filled with profound Gratitude to be here with You as we embark together on a journey that will deeply affect countless lives, alter the way we view our world, and open all doors of possibility!

Together now . . . Go Gratitude!

This concludes Stacey's personal message.

As you feel inspired to join our growing online GoGratitude community and receive another series of 42 daily messages, check out World Gratitude.

As you go through the next 42 days, you are sure to experience some amazing shifts in your life. We welcome your stories. Please send them to stacey@GoGratitude.com

As soon as we've gathered one million people in Gratitude, we will begin revealing the results of the collective Go Gratitude Experiment. In the meantime, it's always more fun to have a lot of friends and family participating in this real-time experiment with you. It's like going to the movies, the theatre, a seminar or a sporting event, etc. It's always more rewarding to go with a group of people you know and experience it together.

Therefore, feel free to create your own wake of Gratitude and make a difference in the lives of others by sending them to www.GiveMeTheMasterKey.com so they can begin their journey in sequence, as you did, with the Master Key movie.

The sooner we hit the one million mark, the sooner we can release to you a whole new level of information and insight gleaned from the collective experience of Gratitude.

We look forward to our journey together into the core of Gratitude.